Below is a brief description of the workshops that we offer (or will offer in the future). Please go to the home page to register. Please note that you must do HeartChange before doing any of the “follow up” workshops.


This is the prerequisite for all other workshops. It is four days (typically Thursday-Sunday), about 12 hours/day. Here people often experience the heart of God as your Heavenly Father, gain freedom to be themselves, experience an abundant life, authentic community, inner healing, or freedom from whatever it is that has them stuck.



This is a 2.5 day workshop (Friday evening through Sunday evening) designed to help the participant perceive how they are designed to function as part of the collective Bride of Christ and walk out that identity in obedient submission to the Bride Groom.
This is a 2.5 day workshop (Friday evening through Sunday evening) designed to help the participant experience what it means to walk in the gifting and empowerment of the Holy Spirit, allowing Him to transform you personally and practice ministering to one another. Learn what it’s like to live the Christian life empowered by the Holy Spirit, and functioning as a member of the body, as He intends.


Youth HeartChange

If you are a married couple (Biblical model – one man, one woman), and both of you have gone through HeartChange, you can attend this workshop. It is three days of moving into greater unity, intimacy and joy as you apply the principles our Creator designed for marriage.


This is a one day marriage workshop where couples (Biblical model – one man, one woman) will experience some foundational principles and practical tools for having a marriage that is what God intends.
Two workshops in one. The youth (age 10-12) go through a youth version of HeartChange while  parents go through a parallel experience of learning how to parent from a HeartChange perspective. Parent must be alumni, and one parent can take 2 kids. It’s Friday after school through Sunday.


This is a one day workshop designed for alumni to practice wielding their HeartChange tools in day to day life. It’s all four days of HeartChange crammed into one action packed Saturday.

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